Meet The Honkers.

Andre: Operations. New Dad. Football & Basketball Enthusiast.

Ever open the Honk app and wonder how it all works? How do all those parking pins get on the map? How do the rates and times match the posted rates in the lot? Event rates - how do those work?

Enter Andre: Operations Manager here at Honk. Once we land a new partnership with a parking operator, municipality, airport or school, he’s the guy. He does all the zone things.

When Andre isn’t at the office doing all things parking, he’s likely at home spending quality time with his new baby girl <3. When not on diaper duty, he can be found cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles during football season and the Toronto Raptors the rest of the time.

Honk: Andre, can you take us through what it means to be Operations Manager at Honk? What responsibilities fall under your bucket? What’s the most challenging part about your job?

Andre: The most challenging part of the job is keeping up with the constant request of clients! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that each day can bring new challenges, but at the same time it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with requests if I don’t stay organized and on top of things. Institutions, Private Parking Operators, and Municipalities have different visions, policies and requirements. This is where integrating what we do with their operations and technology is a never-ending cycle and involves constant change. As their systems and policies change, we have to make sure ours does as well to keep everything running smoothly.

Honk: What do you think the biggest misconception is around parking?

Andre: That there’s not a lot to the parking industry. I think when most people think of parking, they just think of a parking meter and coins, an app, or a hang tag. There’s actually a lot more depth to the parking industry, mostly involving logistics and technology. It’s a lot more complicated than how it actually comes across to the end user, but I guess that’s the way it should be.

Honk: Favourite office snack?

Andre: Popcorn. Oreos. Raw Mixed Nuts.

Honk: When not at work, where would you most likely be found?

Andre: Before my daughter was born, I could be found in my den on my laptop, at the gym or playing basketball or baseball. Now? I’ll be at home with my wife and daughter changing diapers and just hanging out.


Honk: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to parking?

Andre: Coming from someone who used to work in parking at an institution, it still annoys me when people don’t r-e-a-d! I see that many of the same issues pop up for Honk, as I did when I worked at my old job and it all involves people not reading signs or knowing what they are purchasing!

Well, there you have it! A quick look inside what it means to be Operations Manager at Honk!

Finding our spot: A love letter to 5 years of parking.

Five years goes by in the blink of an eye. While it’s not a long time in age, it’s a lifetime for an entrepreneur!

Looking back on our startup journey of the past 5 years, I can see how Honk has grown as a company, how much I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, and how we have influenced the culture of parking and transportation. It gives me great perspective and an amazing amount of energy to map out what is yet to come.

One of the highlights of any startup is experiencing and celebrating all the firsts along the way:

  • Our first hire: Kacey Siskind - still our queen of Business Development, longest standing employee and basically the darling of the parking industry.

  • Our first parking operator who took a leap with us when we were completely unknown and untested:  Thanks Just Park!

  • Our first municipality to Honkify their city: the City of Oshawa; still going strong and growing every day.

  • Our first Honk user (who wasn’t related to me): Roy Thomas; We don’t know how you found us, or why you downloaded, but THANK YOU! Your trust and faith means more than you can ever know!

  • Our first PR mention: It happened to be a major win on Dragon’s Den -- not a bad way to enter the PR world, IMHO.

  • Our first broken transaction record: we partied like it was 1999 when we hit 100 transactions per day, thought we had conquered the world at 1,000 per day, went streaking through the quad at 10,000 per get the picture.  The nice thing about starting from scratch - there are always records to break.

I’m told I have to be more mindful and ‘present’ so part of this taking stock is about celebrating the here and now.  Our 5 year anniversary coincides nicely with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Awards where I’m a finalist (for the second time!). We could not have planned the timing better ourselves. This is a huge accomplishment for the entire Honk team, as I stand on the shoulders of giants.

  • Our development team is the best in the business. All Canadian, all nerd, and all knowing. They build things without being asked, execute our vision impeccably and do it all in a language that is completely foreign to me.

  • Our marketing & operations folks keep the machine oiled and running on time and (mostly) on budget. They are our eyes, ears and feet on the street interacting with customers, launching new zones on the daily,  making it right when things (inevitably) go wrong, and they do it all with a smile.

  • Our customers are why we do what we do. Our app would not be nearly as dynamic, user-friendly or convenient without our hundreds of thousands of customers who use Honk to simplify their lives. We hear and absorb every bit of feedback, and we use it to keep moving forward.

  • Our parking lot operators, airports, real estate owners, universities and municipalities - our clients - are amazing. They are a group of trusting, forward thinking and dynamic individuals and institutions whose unique needs drive us to be better, to do better and to create more innovative products to suit their needs. Everyone is a special snowflake. I came into this game determined to change the way consumers search, find, and pay for parking – and I’m happy to know that we’ve changed the game for operators as well. With Honk, our clients have more insight into their business than ever before, along with increased sales and significantly lower operating costs. We’re winning all the way around.  

The road ahead is surely paved in bumps, potholes and hopefully some beautifully smooth paved roads. We have some pretty big goals for the next 5 years -- we’re talking enabling self-driving vehicles, helping cities become smarter, and making parking totally frictionless -- and we want to take you all along for the ride .  The last 5 have just scratched the surface - stick with us for the next 5 and watch us shine.

Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we conquer the (parking) world.

Michael Headshot (1).jpg

- MB

Another Day, Another Launch: WELLAND.

We're honkin' our way around Southern Ontario!

Our latest launch was for the City of Welland - right in the heart of Canada's Niagara Region. Honk is the mobile parking provider for St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Oakville, so it was really only a matter of time before Welland joined the Honk family! One parking app that covers the Niagara Region - talk about convenience.

What does this mean? Residents and tourists to the City of Welland can now ditch the coin and be on their way faster with Honk. Honk's available at all on and off street parking in the Welland.

Sharing a video of the launch event with all of y'all. Listen to Michael Back talk about the company & what it means for drivers, followed by a quick how-to use Honk to find/book/extend/pay for parking!

DX3 and Honk : Watch Our Exclusive Interview!

Kacey Siskind, Director of Business Development at Honk, sat down with Amber Mac at DX3 to talk all things parking, technology and user experience. For those unfamiliar with the show, DX3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, retail, & advertising. They reached out to us at Honk to talk technology and how the heck it's used to make parking a little less stressful and a little (LOT) more convenient (yes, that does exist).

Kacey talks about the utility and convenience of the technology for drivers, where the the parking lot operators fit into the picture, and everything in between! Have a couple of minutes? Take a look at the video interview:


Or, Esso gift card.. same same.

In December of last year (crazy that we’re now in 2018, eh?), we sent out a holiday email newsletter to our loyal Honkers. In it, we asked our users for their wishlist feature - the one feature they’d love to see added to make Honk even easier than it is now to search, find, and pay for their parking. In the holiday spirit, we added some loot into the mix: every wishlist request was entered into a draw for a $200 Esso gift card.

We used a random number generator (we even insta-storied it!) to pick the big winner. Crystal from Ontario was our lucky Honker - congratulations!


We want to thank everyone who took the time to write in with their wishlist feature. We’re honoured that so many of you are as passionate as we are about parking! Our team is working through all of the requests - and we’ve already started implementing some (sorry, we can’t remind you to feed your cat - that's on you!) 

In the coming weeks and months, keep an eye out we’ll let you all know when new features are added, and which are a result of YOU!

Meet the Honkers. Eddie: Sales and Sports Aficionado.


Deals, deals, deals! Everyone knows how vital sales is to any organization, but does everyone know what really goes on in a sales org? We’re sitting down with Eddie - a member of the sales squad here at Honk to get an inside look into a day in the life at a parking tech startup.

Honk: So Eddie, can you take us through a day at Honk? What’s the first thing you do when you get into the office in the morning? And what’s the last thing before you leave for the day?

Eddie: Every day at Honk is different, that’s what makes it such an exciting place to work. One thing that never changes is at 9:01am you can find me at the Keurig machine in the kitchen making my first coffee. From there it’s over to SalesForce to see what my tasks are for the day. The rest of the day will involve many calls, emails and demos of our parking platform. You’ll rarely find me in the office from 12-1pm as I enjoy a good midday workout. The last thing I do before I leave the office is make sure all my tasks for the day are completed and my schedule is set for the following day.

Honk: What’s the most challenging part about your job?

Eddie: Finding the right person at the right time. I would say this is true with 99% of sales jobs, talking to the right person can be the difference between making a sale or not. I had one potential client who I had been harassing (eeeerm, 'persistently trying to get in touch with') for 3 months, and I finally went over his head and called his superior. His boss loved Honk and we had it set up within 2 weeks.

Honk: What do you think the biggest misconception is around sales?

Eddie: The biggest misconception is that people think sales is all about wining, dining and partying with clients. There are definitely times where you get to enjoy going out with clients, but you have to put in countless hours of prospecting, cold calling, and presentations before you get to this point.

Honk: Favourite office snack?

Eddie: Without a doubt, peanut butter stuffed pretzel bites.

Honk: When not at work, where would you most likely be found?

Eddie: You will either find me in a hockey rink, or at my local pub watching the Maple Leafs. In the summer, you can catch me relaxing on the dock at the cottage from sunrise to sunset.

Honk: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to parking in Toronto?

Eddie: Finding it! Before Honk, I would drive around aimlessly trying to find parking in the city that was affordable and convenient. Shameless plug - Honk takes the pain out of parking - period.

Well there you have it. A quick look into a day-in-the-office at Honk from a Sales perspective!

Eddie in his summer natural habitat: cottage-ing up North in Ontario.

Eddie in his summer natural habitat: cottage-ing up North in Ontario.

Honk does #CPABanff2017

Members of our Sales Squad flew to beautiful, serene Banff a couple of weeks ago to attend and exhibit at this year’s CPA Conference at The Fairmont Banff Springs. You really can’t beat a setting like Banff - definitely one of the most picturesque and stunning places in oh-Canada! What better place to talk all things parking?

It came as no surprise that the overarching main theme of the conference was the future of parking. Specifically: data, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.


Data has been parking’s ‘trendy’ best friend for a few years now. You can’t go a week without hearing something about ‘big data’ popping up in the parking news. (Well actually, this transcends to so many other industries.) Now more than ever, people are really honing in on using all this data to make smart decisions, and help push forward new policies around parking. **Shameless plug: Honk integrated with Smarking’s technology to give EasyPark a holistic view of their parking operations in Vancouver! Smarking gave a session on ‘Using Data to Inform Parking Policy Decisions’ at CPA.

Smart Cities

Closely intertwined with big data - first comes data, and then comes smart cities. At the highest level, smart cities use different types and sources of data to funnel back to manage assets and resources in the most efficient way possible. Quite the mouthful, coles notes: use data to make a city operate as efficiently as possible. Smart parking is one of the many different data collection points - and a crucial one! (Not biased, it’s a fact).

Autonomous Vehicles

And thirdly, we have autonomous vehicles. Which is really at the future of smart cities. We’ve all heard news stories on how Uber and the likes are working tirelessly to create autonomous vehicles. Where does this fit with smart cities and parking? Will likely find out sooner than later!

Pictured: Kacey rep’ing our Honk booth on the conference tradeshow floor.

Pictured: Kacey rep’ing our Honk booth on the conference tradeshow floor.

Pictured: Can we please take a minute to take in these hotel #views? Yep. Beautiful slice of Canada right there. You can’t have a #CPABanff2017 blog post without at least one picture of the beautiful landscape, duh!

Pictured: Can we please take a minute to take in these hotel #views? Yep. Beautiful slice of Canada right there. You can’t have a #CPABanff2017 blog post without at least one picture of the beautiful landscape, duh!

Well, there you have it. A quick 101 on #CPABanff2017 in case you couldn’t make it, or you love hearing about parking conferences (no judgment). And now.. back to that parking grind!

It’s Our Birthday and We’ll Self-Promote If We Want To!

Happy 4th birthday to us!

Birthdays are a time to reflect on the past, to see how far one’s come, and to plan out the next 365 days ahead. And boy, what a whirlwind of a year we’ve had at Honk! We could not be more proud. So many accomplishments over these past 12 months: from new hires, city and campus launches, feature updates, and partnerships to awards, it’s been one hell of a ride!

4th Birthday.jpg

Four years ago Honk was all but a dream. We wanted to make parking in Canada better - give it a digital makeover. Take out the hassle, and get drivers on their way faster and more efficiently. Fast forward 4 years, and look at us now! We’re quite literally coast to coast across Canada with hundreds of thousands of happy honkers using us - relying on us - for their parking.

Here’s a list of some of our proudest moments from the past year:


  • City of London

  • Off-street parking with EasyPark in the City of Vancouver

  • Campus parking at University of Alberta

  • Boat parking: Gananoque, Port Perry, McNab/Braeside

  • City of Oakville

  • City of Waterloo

Michael alongside Mayor Dave Jaworsky, BIA president Patti Brooks and Coun. Melissa Durrel at the official launch of Honk at City of Waterloo.

Michael alongside Mayor Dave Jaworsky, BIA president Patti Brooks and Coun. Melissa Durrel at the official launch of Honk at City of Waterloo.

Partnerships & Awards:

  • Ranked #6 on Canada’s Top Growth Companies

  • Huge collaboration with Masterpass

  • Zipcar partnership

  • Toronto Community Housing Partnership offering excess monthly spots at a discount

We’re blowing out these cyber candles, and then rolling up our sleeves to get back to work to make Honk even better, faster, smarter and cheaper!

- The Honk Team

Leafs Nation 2017/18 and Where to Park It (The Car, That Is).

With the 2017/2018 NHL season right around the corner, the loyal and die-hard Leafs Nation is gearing up for the final year their team plays in the Air Canada Centre, and hopefully brings home Lord Stanley before the arena takes on the ‘Scotiabank’ name. Which by the way, if you’re not in-the-know with the latest hockey-related news, Scotiabank is paying a whopping $800 million for a renaming deal. Read more about it here.


There’s lots the team (and its fanbase) has to look forward to this year -- seeing what the 2016 Rookie of The Year, Auston Matthews, has in store this season, and with the acquisition of Patrick Marleau, the younger Leafs will learn first-hand from a seasoned vet in the league.

Hosting the New York Rangers for the Home Opener on Saturday October 7th, there’s lots of rumblings in the Honk office as to projections for the Leafs this season. There are some Habs fans in the office too - so things can get a little bit.. heated?

One thing the office can fully agree on (not surprisingly): parking for home games, duh. To avoid the hectic nightmare that is trying to find a reasonably priced parking spot around the ACC - it’s a given that you should use Honk to pre-book parking at Brookfield Place for ease of mind and hassle-free parking. We’re honestly not biased, we swear. You just can’t beat the convenience, and the price tag - $10 FLAT for game-day parking!

Not-so-shameless-plug: Book your parking at the ACC in advance with Honk at an unbeatable price of $10!&nbsp;

Not-so-shameless-plug: Book your parking at the ACC in advance with Honk at an unbeatable price of $10! 

Are you one of the lucky ones who snagged a pair of home game tickets? Pre-book your parking now so it’s out of the way, and all you have to worry about is that the Leafs bring their A Game on October 7th to kick off the season.

Let's go boys!

A (not-so-typical) Typical Summer Internship at Honk. Written by the Intern.

This past summer I was fortunate enough to intern at Honk. It was quite the journey, I had a great summer dabbling in all business functions at a tech startup, seeing firsthand how all the pieces work together. I met a lot of great people and was thoroughly impressed with positive workplace atmosphere, as I enjoyed coming to work each and every day.

First Day @ Honk |

7:00 AM - Still in bed. Didn’t have to start until 10:00 AM. (Winning!)

10:00 AM - Came into the office and met with CFO (Jordan). I am working under him for the summer in a variety of capacities, ranging from market reporting to preparing materials for decks. (No coffee runs!)

12:00 PM - First team lunch, this is where I formally met the entire team. No doubt a ton of moving parts in a fast paced startup, these monthly meetings are used to ensure all team members across all teams are in-the-know about updates and changes. Communication is KEY. Also, lunch is DEE-LICIOUS.

4:00 PM - I am finally added to the Honk Slack channel and thus officially feel like a part of the team.

Sales Exposure |

A large part of my summer consisted of working closely with the sales team - Eddie, Tyson & Kacey. I researched and established promotional material for pitching to new and existing clients in order to expand Honk’s operations.

9:00 AM - Tasked with acting as a translator on a call to a french speaking municipality. This is the first time I have used my French Immersion education in over 5 years. Whoever said you didn’t need French in wrong, friend.

11:30 AM - The sales team meets to discuss sales strategy and funnel planning. My job is to update Honk’s internal database or take notes to keep the team on track.

Sales &amp; Customer Support/Operations reppin' the new Honk gear.

Sales & Customer Support/Operations reppin' the new Honk gear.

Operations / Marketing Exposure |

Another large aspect of my summer was working with the operations team and creating informational dashboards to keep clients informed and happy, as well as working closely with our marketing manager, Rachel, to help with our marketing efforts.

10:00 AM - Meet with Mia or Kacey to determine if any existing clients need reporting and to discuss deliverables.

10:15 AM - Annoy the dev. team about various SQL functions, which I learned over the summer.

11:00 AM - Rachel has me draft our varying press releases, and make edits. Honk is growing like crazy this summer - I have a huge funnel of releases to dabble at.

3:00 PM - Finish the dashboard and present the findings to either the sales team or Mia. Occasionally, this data is used for marketing purposes or for press releases.

Summer Social |

8:00 PM - Arrive at Rec Room. Food is abundant and we have received tokens to play arcade games as well as participate in a virtual reality game of Ghostbusters.

10:00 PM - Kacey is exhibiting considerable talent at live Karaoke, and I am very full from all the delicious appetizers.

11:00 PM - Jeremy is now evoking some inner Gord Downie on the mic and everyone at Honk is impressed with his hidden talent.

11:15 PM - I have just beaten Tyson, Eddie and Andre at the football oriented arcade game. Riding a high (this may have been the highlight of the internship, not gonna lie).

12:00 AM - I have been gifted the team’s tokens and was able to make a big purchase of Dots Candy and a flashlight. All in all - a great night!

Final Thoughts |

I now know more about the parking industry than I ever thought possible. My friends continually asked me throughout the summer “how is the parking space?”. Jokes aside, it’s been super interesting to get a deep dive into how an industry that is typically an afterthought in the day-to-day lives of most people, can be as complex as it is. And how technology can really transform such an old fashioned space.

Ghostbusters VR Game @ The Rec Centre.

Ghostbusters VR Game @ The Rec Centre.

We Coulda Saved George Costanza So Much Heartache & Stress (but then he wouldn’t be George Costanza)

Let's take a walk down memory lane shall we? Back to the '90s. Before smartphones, parking apps and Instagram came into our lives. The good ol’ days when Seinfeld was on TV (and when we watched tv shows live as they aired - crazy, right?).

We live and breathe parking here at Honk and we can't help but wonder: if times were different, could Honk have saved poor ol' Georgey boy from blowing a gasket when it came to parking? The answer: Hells YES!

Didja ever wonder why there were so many parking related episodes of Seinfeld? Parking (and its associated peeves) have been around since the Model T. Thank goodness we’re here - take a look back at some of the parking related episodes where Honk would have been deeply appreciated by George and his whiney friends:

1. The Parking Space.

A classic. The one where George fights over a parking space with another driver for an ENTIRE EPISODE.

Enter Honk: George could've booked the spot ahead of time and had WAY more time for a Festivus dinner.

2. No Tricks, Just Parking.

George and Kramer find a bargain parking lot where the rates are super cheap. A rarity in New York City. Some things are just too good to be true. They start to think the rates are so low because ladies of the night are servicing their clients inside the parked cars.

Enter Honk: One click can find you cheap parking spots without the tricks. Just cheap, unbeatable rates! The question remains...would George still be the master of his domain?

3. The Parking Garage.

A favourite amongst many at Honk HQ, this episode is a gem. The entire episode is based around the search for Kramer’s car in the multi-level parking garage of a shopping mall in New Jersey. Everyone has something pressing they need to be doing, and they can’t for the life of them find the car.

Enter Honk: Ok - we don’t have an app for finding your car, but we do have a hack now that everyone is armed with a mobile phone. Take a picture of your parking level before you leave (works for hotel rooms too!) and you’ll never be lost again. Or just avoid the garage altogether, open the app, find a more convenient lot near the mall. Not that there’s anything wrong with that...and Elaine’s goldfish could have survived.

4. … Just don’t get towed!

Not a George Costanza parking fiasco, but you get the picture.

Enter Honk: We send you a text reminder 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire and we let you add more time from anywhere - doesn’t matter if you’re being verbally abused by the Soup Nazi or searching for the last babka in the city. Kiss those tickets and tow trucks goodbye - get out and GO!

To sum up... While Honk definitely could have saved George and the whole Seinfeld gang from getting upset in their parking ‘adventures’, where would we be without the laughs? We couldn’t imagine it any other way. But now that Honk is here and Jerry is in a car, getting coffee... Giddy up!

An open letter from Honk CEO on Canada’s 150th Birthday: The Future of Tech Belongs to the Great White North

As I travel the globe representing Honk; the innovative Canadian payment app transforming parking, 9 times out of 10 my introduction is immediately greeted by a joke about how difficult it must be to find parking near my igloo “eh?”. Original, I know.

Igloo jokes aside, I pride myself on being an ambassador abroad and can talk about my love for hockey with my boys, hiking the Rockies, and canoeing and portaging through our great country’s lakes and rivers. There’s never a dull moment living in the Great White North. 

When I reflect on the reasons I love this country (poutine offerings aside), I become even more thankful that Honk is Canadian. This past year, Honk has been able to expand from coast to coast - quite literally, from Victoria, BC to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Partnering with municipalities, universities, real estate owners and parking operators to get Canadians to their destinations faster and more efficiently. This growth is largely driven by Canada’s increasingly favourable business environment for tech - “Silicon Valley North”. This label is no myth. Honk, like many other startups, are thriving in Canada’s innovative, diverse and rapidly growing tech hubs.

 Canada’s welcoming business environment leads the G20. We benefit from having access to one of the most highly educated workforces in the world, rapid growth in research and development, low business costs and flexible immigration. Venture capital is on the rise with investors from all around the world looking for a piece of the action. The message has never been clearer – Canada is open for business.

 But this isn’t simply a fleeting boom. I’ve been in the tech industry for over two decades and this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The energy is different and most importantly, so are the results. Canadian tech companies are now emerging as leaders on the world stage and this success is contagious.

The Great White North is a startup nation. This is our moment.

Our 150th gives us an opportunity to not only reflect on the past but also plan for a brighter future. I believe the best is yet to come for our young nation. Success won’t come easy and Canadian tech entrepreneurs need to build quickly on this momentum.

 We must tell our story to get ahead, even if that means putting politeness and humility aside. Canadians must support our own businesses first and prioritize their success. Our tech leaders must be bold, embrace inevitable failures and continue to welcome the best and the brightest with open arms.

 Fellow Canadians, we have so much to be proud of this holiday. Happy Birthday to our beloved nation – now, if I could just park my truck in my igloo..

Michael Back

~Proud Canadian~

Founder and CEO of Honk


Just a Few of Our Favourite Apps

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But what’s an app on the home-screen worth? Quite a lot we think. Here at Honk we definitely rely on apps to help us with, well, life. From finding parking (duh!), to finding that last minute hotel accommodation, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite apps that our team just can’t live without.

Jiffy: Leaky sink? Malfunctioning AC? Can’t do anything with your hands other than Instagram? Not all of us at Honk are what you'd call "handy". Thankfully there's Jiffy. This app connects us to a network of service providers, in real-time, based on proximity, availability and ratings. We're not going to give names, but one of our employees may have used Jiffy to drill a floating shelf on the wall.... 

Foodora: After a long day at Honk, our staff is sometimes far too exhausted to make dinner. For times like these, we mindlessly turn to Foodora. All our favourite restaurants delivered right to our front-door via bicycle delivery person. With the tap of a button, we can satisfy that 10pm pad thai craving. It's quite the time we live in. Thank you technology - sincerely, our stomachs.

Bandsintown: Concert season is upon us, and Bandsintown has us covered. This handy app syncs our favourite music app and get updates on tours, concert venues and ticket prices - all in one place. There’s a bunch of die-hard concert-goers here at Honk HQ - so you can trust that we rely on this app to make sure we’re in the know with all shows coming to town.

HotelTonight: Let us preface by saying that our team loves to travel. Whether it be a quick trip to Amsterdam, a weekend in San Francisco, or a two week stint in Morocco - Honkers love to get out there and travel. Life can sometimes make it hard to plan ahead for a trip; for times like these we’re so thankful for HotelTonight. This travel app gives us great deals at premium hotels for these last minute trips. We simply go into the app, select the city and dates, and can book straight from the app.

Honk: And finally, we had to include our very own app - it’s not a bias, it’s just plain ol’ common sense! People are busy - time is valuable. Honk helps avoid wasting time circling the block trying to find parking - and lets you search, find and pay for that parking spot before you even leave the front door. We have an iPhone and Android version - and for those without a smartphone, we have an eCommerce enabled website. 

Do you feel like we forgot to include a cannot-live-without-app? Hit us up - we love discovering new apps!

Honk Does New Orleans: Parking Professionals in the Big Easy

Every year 3,500+ parking professionals from 45 countries not-so-begrudgingly head to a conference center somewhere fabulous in the US for IPI Conference & Expo; the world’s largest educational and networking event for the parking and transportation industry. This year’s conference (read: party) brought everyone together in Creole Country - New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our Director of Sales (Kacey Siskind) and CEO (Michael Back) represented Honk at the event this year. There was lots of networking, meetings, educational sessions, and of course food, drink & music!

The biggest takeaways from the conference?

A couple of important themes really jumped out from Kacey and Michael’s time at IPI 2017: big data & connected vehicles.

Big Data

We’ve heard this buzzword for a while now, but the parking industry is really starting to hone in on big data. And why not? Never before has there been so much information pouring in from so many different outlets - why not be smart and take advantage of this info to decrease inefficiencies and increase revenue? Data is king after all.

Shameless plug!: Honk provides parking operators, municipalities and universities with a financial and data-driven back-office. This web-based portal sheds insight on parking behaviour like never before. This ensures they’re making the most out of their parking inventory and better serving customers.

Connected Vehicles

Another word of the moment that’s here to stay, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). There was a lot of focus on how connected vehicles affect the parking industry, and what proactive steps can be taken to leverage and prepare parking for the autonomous, connected vehicle revolution that is sure to be here before we know it.  

….and food (duh)!

We can’t visit New Orleans without a dinner at Cochon, muffalettas (our favourite is from Central Grocery & Deli) and juicy, delectable crawfish. Kacey was lucky enough to stumble on The Mid-City Bayoo Boogaloo - a New Orleans festival that features music, food, arts & handicrafts. (Needless to say, the office was a tad jealous of her Instagram feed while she was away!).

Next up on the conference circuit: CPA (Canadian Parking Association) Conference in Banff, AB. Team Honk is super excited to take in the fresh Rocky Mountain air, and spread some good old Honk love to our Canadian clients!

Spring & Summer Music Festivals in Toronto

Country, hip-hop, jazz, classic rock… at Honk we don’t discriminate on music taste. We love it all!

With our HQ in Toronto, we’re spoiled with music festivals in and around the city in the spring and summer - we’ve got it all. We compiled a few of our favourite festivals (with some hints as to where to park along the way!).

Field Trip: Toronto, ON (Historic Fort York & Garrison Common). June 3 & 4

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.09.04 AM.png

Toronto’s downtown community music & arts festival, Field Trip is in the heart of the city. We’re particularly excited about Broken Social Scene, Phoenix and James Vincent McMorrow!

Honk Parking Nearby:

Zone 9103 - 15 Fort York/11 Brunel Court (BARGAIN!) Zone 1058 - 72 Tecumseth St.

NXNE: Toronto, ON (51 Commissioners St.) June 16-25

Music, gaming, comedy and food trucks… need we say more?

Honk Parking Nearby:

Zone 9009 - 333 Lakeshore Blvd. East Zone 9078 - 33 Parliament St.

Dreams FestivalToronto, ON (Echo Beach). July 7 & 8

One of Toronto’s most popular and loved electronic music festivals, Dreams Festival at Echo Beach draws in a crowd every year.

Honk Parking Nearby:

Zone 1041 - 7 Fraser Ave. Zone 9048 - 1 Jefferson Ave. 

Veld Toronto, ON (Downsview Park). August 5 & 6

Toronto can’t get enough EDM - Veld is a 2 day music festival that takes place at Downsview Park.

Honk Parking Nearby:

Zone 1053 - 1017 Wilson Ave.

Budweiser Stage Shows: Toronto, ON (909 Lake Shore Blvd West) Spring - Summer 2017

Last but not least, we can’t not include shows at Budweiser Stage
(formerly known as the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre).

You can’t get much better than laying on the lawn on a summer night, listening to one of your favourite’s play (*ahem, John Legend*).

Honk Parking Nearby:

Zone 1041 - 7 Fraser Ave. Zone 9048 - 1 Jefferson Ave.